4236 Hearne Ave 318-631-3005
2911 West 70th Street 318-424-0450
820 Aero Dr 318-606-5794

Meet the Staff of Pipes Auto Sales - Hearne Ave

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Pipes Auto Sales - 3 Locations: Hearne Ave, Aero Dr, and West 70th St

318-631-3005 - pipesautosale@yahoo.com

We completely understand how crucial it is to be wise, when buying yourself an used vehicle. You want your end result to meet these few requirements: A reliable car, affordable, and simply what you deserve to be driving around in everyday.

Here at Pipes Auto Sales, we provide our customers with just that. With the   largest used car inventory in the Ark-La-Tex the options are endless.  Pipes has Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Van's and more. With the best prices, quality, and    quantity ... Our sales professionals at all 3 locations in Shreveport are here              to get you the smartest choice in a pre-owned vehicle today!  #pipesautosales #usedcars #arklatex

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Brittany Arrington - Office Administrator for all 3 locations

318-222-9551 - pipesautosale@yahoo.com

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TJ Owens - Sales and Financing Manager @ 4236 Hearne Ave.

318-631-3005 - towens808@yahoo.com

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Corey Gabler - Sales and Financing Associate @ 4236 Hearne Ave.

318-631-3005 - wcgabler@gmail.com

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Kathleen "Kat" Williams - Sales Associate @ 820 Aero Dr.

318-717-9999 - Kykat73@gmail.com